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Email Driving Partner Portal Adoption

Copywriting | Design

Adobe InDesign

The email needed to (1) be generic enough for account managers to send to the attendees of any event, (2) encourage event attendees to join the partner portal, (3) communicate partner portal benefits, (4) give basic instructions on how to join the portal, and (5) become a design template for future emails about the partner portal.

With email communications, I like to focus on the three-second takeaway: what will the recipient get out of this email if they only look at it for three seconds? What that means for me is making sure that the headline and subheads communicate the complete message and that the most important information is placed in accordance with the reader’s eye. This of course means taking visual design into account as well as content.

The most important design element in this mockup is the row of colored boxes above the headline. This is used throughout the partner portal and will be consistent across partner portal email communication.

I delivered the email mockup to my team’s web developer, (my HTML skills are basic, to say the least) and they recreated the design and put the copy in place, resulting in an easy-to-take-in, clear, and concise email for the client to send to qualified partners.

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