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Seed Box for Education Customers

Design | Illustration | Copywriting

Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign


April 2023

I created this seed box—from design to final copy. I wanted to make something clever and eye catching that would resonate with the IT decision makers in the education space.

My team sent the client several concept sketches, and the client chose the stack of textbooks. I set to work finding the intersection of typical K-12 subjects and the client’s branding.

I settled on “Cosmologi” for the headline; "Studying Logitech in the Education Space" for the subhead.

This let me play with space imagery—spaceships are often used as symbols of education and inspiration, and of course, they represent the potential of technology—especially as it relates to the pursuit of knowledge. When I paired the spaceship with the headset contained in the seed unit, the viewer automatically considers the similarities between these two pieces of technology.

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